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Come and get your boots muddy.

WSSI strives to provide all of its employees with a dynamic work environment that offers room for skill improvement and knowledge development in a caring and casual atmosphere.   Here are just a few quotes of what it’s like to work at WSSI from current employees:

“WSSI offers a very unique working environment unlike any I've experienced elsewhere.  The company's desire to remain a leading environmental firm in the Northern Virginia area and its generosity with providing top quality training, equipment, benefits and a comfortable work environment result in an exciting and very enjoyable place to work.  In addition, the overall diversity, enthusiasm, dedication and expertise of the work force provides an extremely powerful support team when working on any of the wide variety of engineering, environmental and archeological projects encountered.”

“Working at WSSI means being part of a team that always strives to do the best work possible, all the while being supported and rewarded by the company for doing our best. Feeling good about the work we do makes it a pleasure to come to work each day. “

“I love the "board" -- having the schedule board helps prioritize projects and makes my schedule manageable, resulting in a less stressful work environment than previous experiences I have had. And, co-workers are very helpful and willing to take the time answer questions/ review work.”  

“It’s a pleasure to work for such a grateful company.”

“The folks here at WSSI are like my extended family, so the professional and personal relationships built here are uniquely melded together to last a very long time."

 “Working at WSSI means the chance to help shape the world in an environmentally-conscious way; to replace through sound environmental and hydrologic engineering some of the ecosystems that would otherwise be lost to construction; and to practice civil engineering without covering the world in concrete.”

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