Responsible Land Disturber (RLD) Recertification


Do you propose to engage in land-disturbing activities? If so, Virginia’s Erosion and Sediment Control Law requires you to provide the name of an individual holding a valid Responsible Land Disturber “Certificate of Competence” prior to engaging in land disturbing activities, and soon these certifications will start expiring. This law became effective July 1, 2003 throughout Virginia whether or not local ordinances have been updated to include this requirement.

Recertification, prior to the expiration of the original certification which is valid for three years, is required to avoid inconvenient delays in the process. Failure to have a certified RLD could be construed as a violation of the project’s general permit for stormwater discharges.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation’s (DCR) online recertification process is user-friendly and can be completed any time within the third year of your current certification. Test questions are based on an applicant packet that can be downloaded and used while taking the recertification test. A score of 70% or higher on the 25 multiple choice question test is required. There is no time limit for the recertification program and the test can be taken in multiple sessions by selecting the “Save Answers” button. However, your test must be graded before midnight of your current certification expiration date to avoid a “new certification” process.

If you pass the test, your current certification number will be reissued with an expiration date advanced 3 years from your current expiration date and this information will be reflected on the public listing of current RLDs. If you do not pass the recertification test, you can immediately retest and questions will vary from previous exams.

DCR believes the online recertification process will ensure that those certified are aware of the changes and developments in land-disturbing technologies and regulations. Do not delay! If you do not recertify before the expiration of your original certification, you will be required to reapply under the new certification process. Failure to have a certified Responsible Land Disturber could result in a violation of the project’s general permit for stormwater discharges.