May 9, 2003
Vol. 10 No. 5
Fairfax County Launches a Boatload of Water Resource Regulation Changes
It's Pogonia Season!
Fairfax County Chesapeake Bay Changes on the Way
The Fairfax County Planning Commission has approved amendments to the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance (and related sections in the Public Facilities Manual, Subdivision Ordinance and the E&S Ordinance). These changes will go to a public hearing with the Board of Supervisors on May 19, 2003 at 4:30 p.m. The recommended effective date is July 18, 2003 five months before new Resource Protection Area (RPA) maps are expected to be completed. Click here for full article.
Regional Pond Program Changes in Fairfax County
A major change to stormwater and watershed management protocols in Fairfax County is underway. Regional ponds will no longer be considered the first choice to alleviate problems associated with increased stormwater flows, but instead be considered just one of many tools available for stormwater management. This could delay projects that rely upon future regional ponds, or cause the need for temporary on-site ponds, and lead to lot loss in some situations. Click here for full article.
Endangered and Threatened Species Alert: Small Whorled Pogonia
Small Whorled Pogonia
If you are planning to develop property in Northern Virginia having mature hardwood forest with an open understory, you will most likely need a survey for the small whorled pogonia (Isotria medeoloides) between June 1 and July 20 or your wetlands permitting may be delayed up to a year! Click here for full article.
New Fairfax County Requirement Surveying Downstream Ponds
Fairfax County announced in a March 31, 2003 Letter to Industry new policies and procedures for land development projects upstream of existing impoundments. All first submission site plans, subdivision plans, rough grading plans, bonded grading plans (where the limits of disturbance have not been included in the subdivision plans), public improvement plans, infill plans, and minor site plans, will require a pre-construction bathymetric survey of certain ponds downstream of the site prior to plan approval. This policy is in response to several fights in the last few years over how much sediment left certain construction sites and was deposited in downstream ponds. Click here for full article.
Proving Adequate Outfall Gets Tougher in Fairfax County
In a Letter to the Industry dated April 25, 2003, Fairfax County announced it is now requiring all future plan submissions to provide additional documentation of how land development projects comply with state and county requirements regarding demonstration of adequate outfall. This will require significant additional work on the part of land development engineers. This is significant because without approval of "adequate outfall" the site cannot be developed. Click here for full article.

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